Dementia Resources

Used with permission of the Shaw Brothers and Remo Schorel.

Ro and Steve

Whether you’re searching for senior living or care for yourself, a parent, grandparent, spouse, or friend–Ro and Steve is trying to make it easier for you to learn from their experience. Named for their parents and built for you, Ro and Steve is here to help.

iSupport Dementia

iSupport Dementia is a wonderful resource that provides an online program developed by the World Heath Organization to help you understand dementia more, deal with challenging behaviors, provide the best care, and take care of yourseld during the process.

Alzheimer’s Association

This is a great source to recieve help and support for both you and your loved one. They give a lot of information to make things easier for you and is a wonderful resource everyone should know about.

World Heath Organization

WHO gives key facts, symptom information, different stages, common forms, treatment and prevention for Dementia. If you don’t know a lot about Dementia this is a great place to start.  They have developed a hard copy book guide to create a plan for you that helps you preparing for your plan, develop it, and implement it.

Donation Resources

Hospice & Palliative Care

Hospice & Palliative Care provides comfort, support, and help for individuals with life-limiting illnesses. They also attend the families by focusing on their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. This organization is committed to serving their patients and improving their quality of life. For more information visit the link below.

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund is a public charity that is dedicated to researching a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. 100% of their donations are put toward the resesrch they do, and they are a part of the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Foundation. To donate or find out more, visit the link below.